rome city 3D

history of 3D game

Open-world video games are a type of video game where a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives.

The term “free roam” is also used, as are “sandbox” and “free-roaming”. “Open world” and “free-roaming” suggest nonlinear gameplay with the absence of artificial barriers, in contrast to the invisible walls and loading screens that are common in linear level designs. The term “sandbox” is often used incorrectly. The open-world doesn’t necessarily mean sandbox. A true “sandbox” is where the player has tools to modify the world themselves and create how they play.

The roots of open-world gaming can be traced back as early as Go (c. 300 BCE). The first open-world game was SEGA’s Jet Rocket (1970), followed by Taito’s Western Gun (1975) and Interceptor (1975). The first 3D open-world game was SEGA’s combat flight simulator Heli-Shooter (1977). The first top-down scrolling open-world game was Namco’s Rally-X (1980). The first true fully-scaled on-foot open-world games were Courageous Perseus and Hydlide (1984), which influenced The Legend of Zelda (1986), the first open-world console game, and the most influential open-world game, with most modern open-world games tracing their roots to Zelda. The first polygonal 3D open-world games were Arsys Software’s Wibarm (1986) and Star Cruiser (1988). The most influential 3D open-world video game was Grand Theft Auto III (2001). and Rome city made by us 

download Rome city 

rome city

Click on the Robo city application and the game should start 

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